B.Ed. 2011 Students List




Baba Domandev Mahavidyalaya is committed to making every effort to give its students and staff the best possible opportunity for academic proficiency and growth. The efforts are to inspire the students, with a strong sense of social and national responsibility.
We see empowerment as the distinguishing feature of all our educational effort and are convinced that it takes place best in a college which is a dynamic entity involved in discerning the needs of our times and flexible enough to readjust its structures and activities to respond to them.
We recognize and strongly affirm that the special thrust of our Institute becomes credible in India today, our college is a center where a prefential love of the poor is lived out both in attitude and structures. In cherishing the most deprived of his people and enabiling them to take their place with dignity among others.
It is in our hands to make it a reality. The Institution looks forward to each of its members to come forward and join hands in this proud venture of constructing the hall as early as possible. Generations ahead will benefit from this auditorium and bless all those who contributed with their hard work and goodwill.
Our Education sessions are times for building confidence and security, the ability to articulate opinions, community building where young students from various religious, social and economic backgrounds communicate with mutual respect and understanding and contribute towards building, persons, families, communities and the Nation.













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